Ebco Fiduciaria SA was established in November 2000 as a trust and independent consulting company based in Chiasso, Switzerland.
The in depth knowledge of Swiss laws and the skills internationally developed by its experts have allowed a rapid growth of activity and a large diversification of services provided by Ebco Fiduciaria SA.
Over the years two other companies have been created: in 2004 Ebco Trustee Services Limited Liability Company, aiming to meet the growing needs of clients with inheritance planning. In 2005 EBTG e Associati SA, based in Lugano, to better manage the needs of clients in the area.

The Group specializes in tax, trade and corporate consulting for national and international clients such as corporate groups, entrepreneurs and individuals. Its services range from traditional trust management services, guaranteeing the privacy and protection of estates, to a wide variety of additional services aiming to more efficiently reach the goals of clients.